June 30, 2017

44 - Sandy Wexler

On this week's episode, we've finally reached the end (for now) as we watch Sandler's latest, the pseudo-documentary, Sandy Wexler. We discuss Sandler's first inter-racial relationship, Kevin James and his many puppets and a brand-new, extra annoying, Sandler voice. Also, an in-depth discussion of the history of Jason Voorhees.

June 21, 2017

43 - The Do-Over

This week, the boys watch the penultimate film in the current Sandler chronology with The Do-Over. Together, they discuss the film ditching it's original premise a third of the way in, if all Germans sound like Werner Herzog and Sandler becoming an MRA. Also, we come up with a fresh idea for the Alien vs. Predator franchise and IMDB reviews! 

June 12, 2017

42 - The Ridiculous 6

This week, the boys begin the Netflix era by watching the bafflingly unfunny, The Ridiculous 6. Together, they discuss Sandler using Native American magic, shovel beheadings and the almost complete lack of females in the movie. Also, the return of Nick Nolte and IMDB reviews!


This week, the boys watch the animated sequel, Hotel Transylvania 2 and discuss what happens when Sandler is given creative control, poor plot structure and pregnancy fetishes.

May 22, 2017

40 - I Am Chris Farley

On this week's episode, the boys watch a documentary on the life of Chris Farley and pay respects to the man while discussing Dan Akroyd battling ghosts and more. Also, Adam Sandler Trivia.

May 13, 2017

39 - Pixels

This week, the boys welcome Box and Pregga onto the show to discuss the video game battling flick, Pixels. Together, they discuss Q'Bert babies, horrible female characters and why Josh Gad seems so easily punchable. Also, the next great horror movie is conceived.

April 28, 2017

38 - The Cobbler

On this week's episode, the boys watch the incomprehensible, The Cobbler and discuss Method Man playing a stereotype, if the movie would be improved with Mr. Bean in Sandler's place and one of the most baffling endings of all time. Plus, IMDB reviews and Yiddish rap remixes.


On this week's episode, Swanson and Kiorein watch the internet-parable film, Men, Women & Children and discuss the intense horniness of the film, why almost all of the problems in the film are because of the internet and why the Allstate guy is coming to steal your wife. Also, an extra horny batch of IMDB reviews!

April 14, 2017

36 - Blended

On this week's episode, the boys watch the Sandler goes to Africa film, Blended and discuss the building of an Adam Sadler cinematic universe, why the film thinks having short hair makes a woman look like a man and ghost moms. Also, Shaq as an African warlord and IMDB reviews!

April 7, 2017

35 - Grown Ups 2

This week on the show, the boys watch the mind-numbing, Grown Ups 2 and compare it by watching Lessons of Darkness, Werner Herzog's film on the Gulf War, which movie made them feel worse? They also discuss runaway tires, Shaq as the embodiment of chaos and the futility of man. Also, IMDB reviews!


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