April 28, 2017

38 - The Cobbler

On this week's episode, the boys watch the incomprehensible, The Cobbler and discuss Method Man playing a stereotype, if the movie would be improved with Mr. Bean in Sandler's place and one of the most baffling endings of all time. Plus, IMDB reviews and Yiddish rap remixes.


On this week's episode, Swanson and Kiorein watch the internet-parable film, Men, Women & Children and discuss the intense horniness of the film, why almost all of the problems in the film are because of the internet and why the Allstate guy is coming to steal your wife. Also, an extra horny batch of IMDB reviews!

April 14, 2017

36 - Blended

On this week's episode, the boys watch the Sandler goes to Africa film, Blended and discuss the building of an Adam Sadler cinematic universe, why the film thinks having short hair makes a woman look like a man and ghost moms. Also, Shaq as an African warlord and IMDB reviews!

April 7, 2017

35 - Grown Ups 2

This week on the show, the boys watch the mind-numbing, Grown Ups 2 and compare it by watching Lessons of Darkness, Werner Herzog's film on the Gulf War, which movie made them feel worse? They also discuss runaway tires, Shaq as the embodiment of chaos and the futility of man. Also, IMDB reviews!


In the distant future lies the city-state of Stairopolis ruled by the jovial Godking, Stairmaster each week he holds a town hall meeting for his cherished citizens hosted by Secretary of Beverages, Swanson and Secretary of the People, Kiorein. Together, they discuss the issues plaguing the people and look for practical solutions to their plights. This week, noisy drones and a dirty Battlepit.


This week on the show, the boys travel back to watch two TV appearances from Sandler, first, in the Larry Sanders Show and then, in Judd Apatow's college sitcom, Undeclared. Together, the boys discuss Jeffrey Tambor, how to power cuck and why all these college kids love Adam Sandler. Plus, IMDB reviews and daddy discussion.

March 17, 2017

33 - Hotel Transylvania

On this week's episode, the boys watch the monster mash flick, Hotel Transylvania and discuss what to do when your pilot is hypnotized by Dracula, naked skeletons and fan art. Also, IMDb reviews and Sandler rapping.

March 10, 2017

32 - That’s My Boy

On this week's episode, the boys watch the hot for teacher comedy, That's My Boy. Together, they discuss Vanilla Ice, Sandler's huge, fake ding dong and naughty grandmas. Plus, incest and Holodeck simulations.

March 3, 2017

31 - Zookeeper

On this week's episode, the boys watch the Kevin James-starring, Zookeeper. Together they discuss what happens when you bring a gorilla into TGI Fridays, why Sandler is doing an accent for his monkey character and we calculate how many times Kevin James falls over. Also, Nick Nolte on The Wire and spiders in your mouth!

February 24, 2017

30 - Jack and Jill

On this week's episode, the boys welcome Pregga back onto the show to view the barely watchable, Jack and Jill. Together, the group discusses why Al Pacino being in a commercial is the key plot, Sandler playing himself playing a woman and a joke so baffling that the audience has to discuss what it could mean. Plus, Dunkaccino and a presidental football to the groin.


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